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 Post subject: Spot-on Flea/Tick killers are neurotoxic to your pet & you!
PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 6:29 pm 
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We who have experienced Lyme Disease are desperate to keep ticks & fleas out of our lives. But in the process we are poisoning our pets and ourselves!

PLEASE READ IF YOU HAVE PETS! Common topical pesticides (Frontline, Advantage, Advantix Bio-spot and more) used on our pets are poisoning us and them. This is very serious and very informative to help all those suffering from Lyme and other neuro-diseases. Anything I experience that is significant, I must study and publish here on my site. So I am at it again and this has been an eye-opening quest for answers.

Here is the all the information you will need to make an informed decision if you read this entire article and links provided:

First you need to understand how these pesticides kills insects, it alone will help you realize how neurotoxic it is. Once it is put on the pet, it is absorbed into their skin, spreading throughout their body, emitting through their skin and hair throughout their bodies. These topicals are strong enough to last at least the 30 days. Some studies show that they can last up to six months after one application. Many are not repellents such as Frontline and Advantage, the insect must bite the dog/cat to be poisoned and die. The insect ingests it then the chemical paralyzes the insects nervous system. The makers of these products will tell you that mammals do not metabolize it the same way because we do not have the same GABA receptors. I personally don't buy into their "non-toxic" claims, because there are countless, indisputable cases of cats, dogs and people that have now been recorded of neurotoxic poisoning from these liquid flea/tick killers from vomiting to death. Our bodies cannot process any pesticides and in turn can make anyone w/chronic illness feel even more sick and possibly cause damage to the nervous system.

I began researching the subject when I experienced a tremendous symptoms increase. I have specifically studied the neurotoxic effects in pets and the people that own them, of "spot on" flea/tick treatments for many months. It started after a horrendous symptoms flare that happened to me after adopting our puppy from our local SPCA. They had applied Advantage on him and I was very glad he had no fleas/ticks. But I noticed when I touched him at the shelter, hives appeared w/itchiness. I really didn't think much of it, I had never had any reaction to a dog or other animals. Yet, later when we brought him home, I had a MASSIVE symptoms increase and some scary symptoms I had never experienced before. It felt like a horrible setback,my body felt "stuck" in fight or flight, I had heart palps, fog, pain, tingling, weakness, full body jerking in my sleep, twitching and more (felt like I was going to die) that followed bringing our puppy home for the next few weeks. I couldn't wait to bathe him, but couldn't, he had to wait 10 days after neutering for a bath, I had to live with it. He was all over me, we had close contact and I loved kissing his precious face. All of sudden everyday I complained and was very concerned about numbness in my lips. This was highly unusual and I was about to find out why.

From link below (that contains chart of toxins) regarding Imidacloprid the active ingredient in Advantage/Advantix (more below on toxic effects found by a doctor): Imidacloprid disrupts the nervous system of sucking insects and may be toxic to the human nervous system as well.

I had been exposed to other flea/tick pesticides for years (many different brands) with our first generation of 3 dogs (1998-2011), but this was the first time I was exposed to Advantage. I highly suspected Advantage, so I started there. These pesticides, simply put, increase neurotoxin disease symptoms and may very well be a huge part of the puzzle to why so many w/Lyme stay sick and are so painfully ill and remain that way despite treatment.

After reading all literature including medical abstracts and websites, there it was! Yes Advantage causes numbness of the lips in humans, among other neurotoxic effects. All "spot on" treatments (ALL) are human neurotoxins. They are neurotoxic to our pets and some that can be used on dogs are HIGHLY neurotoxic to cats. So if you have dogs and cats, be aware, your cats could suffer greatly from what you use on your dog.

Veterinarian's will not admit the neurotoxicity in humans, or even pets for that matter, claiming they all have been tested in double blind studies..big deal! The people using these products are finding out what they really do. It is up to you, you must decide when you have the facts and here are some of the facts. This is a deep, prolonged subject and I will try to cover the most basic understanding of the facts.

Frontline (another pesticide neurotoxin) commonly used on cats and dogs, I had used on my first generation of dogs for many years and I usually felt awful, not as severe as w/Advantage, but always feeling "sick", fogged and intense neuro symptoms. I suspected Frontline as a culprit, but wasn't moved to investigate because controlling fleas/ticks seemed more important. Not only that, I use to attribute all symptoms to Lyme the "lyme cycle" and I am now very aware there are definitive causes of lyme symptom increases, from mineral deficiencies to the poisons in our air and our food and now on our pets or all of them combined.

From link below (that contains chart of toxins) regarding Fipronil the active ingredient in Frontline and Frontline Plus:

Fipronil is considered a possible human carcinogen.22 It also blocks a neural pathway responsible for preventing excessive stimulation resulting in over-excitation of the nervous system in both insects and humans.23 Fipronil binds less readily with mammalian nervous receptors than insect receptors, reducing its toxic effect in humans.24 Signs of poisoning from fipronil may include sweating, nausea, vomiting, headache, abdominal pain, dizziness, agitation, weakness, and tonic clonic seizures.25 When exposed to sunlight, fipronil breaks down into a compound nine to ten times as potent as fipronil itself.26 Studies have shown that fipronil residues from pet fur can get transferred onto a wipe or a child’s hand.27

When my last precious dog died in June 2011, I was no longer exposed to Frontline for the first time since before I even was diagnosed w/Lyme. The month after she was gone was one of the best "physical" months since being diagnosed nearly 6 years before. An obvious connection was emerging. But all I knew at the time was pesticides could lower immunity. Further study revealed more and one thing I learned right away was that these poisonous pesticides emit toxins all month long and measurable residue (all month long, not just when applied) will be on your hands, face, etc., every time you pet your animals, kiss them, etc. that absorbs into your body through your skin. Worse yet, your body cannot naturally detox these chemicals and many w/Lyme Disease have injured detox pathways or mineral deficiencies that prevent detoxification of even less toxic pollutants.

Here is another link of of the neurotoxic effects of Fipronil (the main active ingredient in Frontline/Frontline Pluse): ... ronil.html

This is a "snap-shot" of information and even by now I think you can see these pesticides are not just poison to your pets, they are poison to YOU and doubly so for those w/neurotoxic disease such as Lyme. I felt like I hit gold when I saw the specific info below, this proved part of what I experienced was absolutely pesticide related to Advantage. Finding "proof" is a great thing, but it only confirmed what I already knew. Read this!:

"Dr. Blake also finds different results than the Bayer literature. “We are told that the product affects only insects’ nervous systems,not mammals’. Several of my clients told me that they accidentally got some Advantage on their hands and when they touched their mouths, their lips became immediately numb for several hours. So much for not having an effect on the nervous system of mammals.” Acute symptoms of headache, nausea, and abdominal and lumbar pain are associated with carbitol, one of the “inert” ingredients in Frontline

According to the MSDS, carbitol induced these symptoms in laboratory settings. Curiously, these potential side effects are not published in the literature accompanying the products, nor do many veterinarians know the dangers. But there are numerous anecdotal reports from veterinarians in the U.S. and the U.K. of dogs who were treated with spot-on products who have displayed signs of neurological damage, such as depression, lethargy, convulsions, underactivity, tremors, overactivity, stiffened limbs, and lameness".

Our pets cannot talk, so are they experiencing symptoms we are unaware of?

I can't help but wonder what our pets are experiencing using these pesticides that they cannot tell us. How awful if their skin is numb or burns or if they experience dizziness or stomach pain or other neurotoxic symptoms. I have even wondered if these poisons I used for years on my first 3 dogs contributed to their death. One "unwound" neurologically until she could no longer walk. Another developed bone cancer. After my study on this subject these highly toxic products can absolutely cause cancer and "unwind" a nervous system.

Lyme sufferers know that fleas and ticks carry Lyme and many other hideous bacterial disease. So, it is imperative to have flea/tick free pets. If ONE flea is seen there is said that there are 1000 more around you! One flea can lay thousands of eggs and they can take many weeks (or lay dormant for months) to hatch. If your dog/cat infest your home, you will have have a battle! The easiest (and unsafest) way is to use pesticide in your home to get rid of the infestation. There are natural ways in the links below. I must control fleas and ticks but not at the cost of my own health. Yet, fleas and ticks can cost me "my health"..what do we do? Sadly, there is no perfect answer. There are only choices and they aren't great choices consider all that is concerned.

Here are the choices: Using vet prescribed oral (pill form) treatments on your pets will help YOU avoid any pesticide residues. A fairly new oral (pesticide) called Comfortis (not to be given to small dogs) is marketed to kill fleas but has shown in studies to kill all biting insects including ticks. The problem, your pet will still be exposed to chemicals that may make them sick. It is the MOST promising of all oral pills that covers it all, yet the "jury is out" so to speak on long term health effects since it is so new. Spinosad is the active ingredient and I have read it is organic and approved for organic crop pesticide control, if that is any solace.

Another oral, is Sentinel (must have vet Rx) which basically is a heartwormer and flea "sterilizer". It does not kill fleas, it breaks the life cycle only by making the eggs they lay die. It does not have tick protection. I encourage you to study real world reviews of people (see - link below) that have used these prescribed oral flea/tick treatments to see the benefits and the side effects. Program has the same ingredient as Sentinel - flea sterilizer - minus the heart worm protection and can be bought OTC. Program is EXTREMELY safe for pets and is excellent for pets that need flea prevention. Recently Novartis stopped making Program in the U.S. but it can still be purchased (which some in depth research) from Canadian and UK pet supplies. One site I found recently selling Program is here: ... d/2586.htm

Giving pets a Capstar pill can make a good combo when taken with Program pills. Capstar ONLY kills adult fleas and not the eggs. Program kills only eggs and neither kill ticks. I have found it extremely effective for years in addition I will use natural sprays to brush through their coats several times a week such as Ark Naturals "Flea flicker Tick Kicker" or Ark Naturals "Neem" spray.

Comfortis the stronger/longer version of Capstar. Capstar lasts only 24 hours is only good for killing 90% of fleas within 4 hours. Comfortis (rx'd by vet, mentioned in paragraph above) starts to kill fleas in 30 minutes (just like Capstar) and lasts all month long. Be aware and ask your vet about Comfortis side effects.

Many think "Feeding my pet a pesticide is crazy!" Know this, Program is not poison. And consider taking a pill is no worse (nor better) for your pet than putting on a "spot-on" pesticide. It is better for you though. Topicals, absorb through the pets skin (and yours every time you touch them all month long) into the blood stream to every organ and every part of their (and your body), eventually coming through the skin and hair follicles in order to kill/repel insects. It is virtually the same to feed your pet a pill vs applying the oily pesticide to their skin, both enter their bodies, both are toxic, both dangerous, but they are effective in killing fleas/ticks. The "upside" of oral flea/tick treatments are again, they won't effect humans, there is no residue.

The only other choice are natural treatments. There are many. Neem spray, garlic and even a natural spray by Dr. Mercola is on the market. Natural products I have used (to try out the most effective) Sentry Natural Defense, Ark Naturals Neem oil spray and Ark Naturals Flea Flicker, Tick Kicker. (available at many online and local some pet stores) So far so good, but the spray (vs spot on) must be applied at least once per week or as needed. My dogs like getting wet in the summer, so I must apply the spray each time they get wet. It seems like a lot of work, but to me if it saves my health and my pets health and it works, it is well worth it.

With fleas/ticks now surviving some of these strong pesticides, many report Frontline and Advantage (Advantix and virtually all other chemical spot-on's) no longer are effective. These insects are EXTREMELY virulent and can survive most any conditions and chemicals. It is up to each of you to decide what to use on your pets for their safety and yours.

There really is only ONE question to ask yourself if you use flea/tick treatments, IF you are as adamant as I am to keep fleas/ticks away and that is "Do I risk my dog AND ME? Or Do I risk the dog only?" Harsh, I know! But the pills (with the exception of Program) will risk the dog only and not you. Either way the dog/cat will be at risk using topicals or oral pills, so we can only choose not to risk ourselves (by using the pill form) as well and say a prayer for our beloved pets. I wanted the perfect flea/tick killer that is 100% effective and safe for me and my pets...there seems to be no such thing.

Preventatives and quick kills:
Dawn liquid (blue only!) detergent is recommended by many vets. Afterall, they use it on sea animals to remove oil residue from oil spills and it is safe. It will kill fleas. Also, you can add some to water in a spray bottle and spray around your house to kill remaining fleas.

Mosquito Barrier a 99.99% pure garlic spray that kills ticks, fleas and mosquitoes for your yard (Found here: ) is natural and may help keep your yard clear or at least low of infestations. Also, throwing plain ol' table salt around the yard will kill fleas (be aware salt can also kill grass, plants, etc.)

If you ever see fleas on your dog/cat you can smother the fleas by sprinkling baby powder or Baking soda on their coats and rubbing it in.

Capstar pills (bought otc at pet stores or online) are excellent for a quick kill of 90% of adult fleas within 30 minutes!!! Not proven to kill ticks or viable flea eggs on your pet in your home. Capstar works for 24 hours and can be given several days in a row.

Program to break the cycle (best used with Capstar at first) can be bought here: ... d/2586.htm

Feeding your dog brewers yeast w/garlic supplements (specifically for dogs at pet stores) is a good preventative measure as well, some say, some disagree.

They say that if you see fleas on your pet that is only 5% of the problem, the other 95% wil be eggs around your yard and house! So make sure whatever you use kills EVERY stage of fleas/ticks.

Do NOT let this deter you from having pets! Pets are proven to be healing to us and are beneficial in our lives, the pesticides we put on them are not. Some will ignorantly give pets away thinking they are now safe from fleas/ticks..NOT TRUE..they are in all 50 states and most commonly in your back yard, not to mention the endless ways Lyme disease is spread, your are not ever going to be 100% safe. Giving a pet away is foolish, find something safe and effective to keep fleas and ticks away!

Detoxing humans of the poison: The ONLY way I have found (at this point) in my research to detox pesticides from a human body is regular use of Infrared Sauna's.

Here are several links that are a good place to start if you want more info, many more links will be included in my full article when I am able to put this all together.

Article regarding toxicity of 'spot-on' treatments: ... hemfin.pdf

Legal (lawsuits, etc.) for Frontline, Advantage and more: ... QgodvjJb3w

EPA notes dangers of spot on treatments: ... seval.html

Promeris flea topical (released in 2007 for use in pets) found to be toxic and taken off the market: ... ction.aspx

Click on any flea/tick brand (most every toxic substance used can be found here) to see how carcinogenic it is and what is least neurotoxic:

Chart of flea/tick products that are the safest and most dangerous to pets & people: has a great comparison chart of what each flea/tick treatment will kill and what stages. It is also a great place to read "reviews" of those who have used these products:

Oral (pill) form flea control options:

Pubmed Abstract showing that "Comfortis" (also available at VCS vets as AcuGuard) not just flea control but tick control as well:

Capstar short-acting oral pill works to kill adult fleas within 30 minutes (not eggs) and safe for puppies/dogs:

Alternatives to chemical control:

Mercola's natural treatment: ... QgodXCLdrw

Ark Naturals Flea Flicker Tick Kicker (all natural spray can be purchased at many online websites, including Vitacost) I am a fan of this product and use it. It has good reviews from many people with dogs. Since they are natural they must be applied on a regular basis:

Info regarding Ark Naturals vs spot on treatments ... 84348.html

"Geraniol" one of the ingredients in (above product) Ark Naturals Flea Flicker Tick Kicker shows in studies very effective and harmless: ... tudies.pdf

More natural alternatives, including baking soda, baby powder and more: ... -naturally

Mad about Organics flea/tick treatment (all natural):

How to Use Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas & Ticks on your pet, your house and yard: | ... z1fYWNpuAB

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Always check w/your MD regarding advice given by me or any member at this forum & any articles & info. at this site. Site disclaimer: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=16

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