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 Post subject: Lyme, MCS, Candida, Food sensitivities, Mercury & 1 mineral!
PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2010 2:27 am 
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Don't be fooled - one detox inefficiency can cause havoc, here is what you must know:

It has been said to be an expert in any field, you would have to study 3 hours everyday for 3 years, approximately 3,300 hours. Since being diagnosed and starting treatment of Lyme disease and other bacterial and viral co-infections in 2006, I have been very sick and had excruciating pain. It led me on a search for answers that I have studied hours on end day after day, year after year (I estimate around 6,000 hours of study) and although I am not a "self-procalimed expert", I have learned a lot. I like to share anything signifcant.

I remember when I studied saccharomyces boulardii and would post my "find" at Lyme forums and it would go through mostly unnoticed. No one had ever heard of it. Then a couple years later LLMd's started realizing it was a necessary probiotic (yeast) that might prevent C.diff for those on antibiotics. Suddenly, everyone was talking about and recommending saccharomyces boulardii, aka Florastor. But it was something I had been taking before it ever became "mainstream" in the lyme-world. The same thing happened when I reported Activated Charcoal as an excellent detox supplement and even Infrared saunas. I wrote article's about my own amazing experiences and posted them on my website to inform anyone who cared to read it. They both gained some attention, people had questions and were interested, but at the end of the day, no one was really "moved". Then, for whatever reason, everyone was talking both. I very seriously can't help but wonder if what I have found and will tell you about here, if it too may result in being mainstream knowledge someday. I'd like to encourage you now, that once you finish reading this, DO study the links provided at the end. AND ALWAYS DISCUSS WITH YOUR MD ANY NEW SUPPLEMENTS INCLUDING THIS ONE!

Although this turned out much longer than I had hoped, I found the following information to be of great value. If you can "hang in there" and read this to the end, you will likely learn something you didn't know and that may even help you. I know that very few doctor's including LLMd's have ever brought up or even thought about. I have seen 3 LLMd's (one particular of excellent reputation and knowledge) yet, not one said anything about what I recently discovered after one slightly low range blood test result, that was suppose to mean "nothing".

This is how it all started and where it led....

A few months ago, my pain management Md ran routine blood tests. As the nurse read the results, normal, normal, normal, I looked over her shoulder and saw something not within the normal range.

Interestingly, they had tested my Uric Acid levels, something no other Md or LLMd had tested before. Normal range for Uric Acid (some labs may vary) is 2.4 - 6, mine was 1.2. I asked why it was low and she said, "Oh, that's nothing, don't worry, if it were higher than normal we'd be worried about Gout". I could not "shake" the test result, so I decided to study and what I found was nothing short of astounding.

The first thing I found was that low Uric Acid was found in many MS patients. This was significant as many LLMd's believe MS could be Lyme disease. Next I found that the cause of low Uric Acid can be related to HIGH copper levels and/or a Molybdenum deficiency, an obscure mineral that is needed by the body, but not produced by the body.

I had never heard of Molybedenum and of course I couldn't even pronounce it. I later learned it is pronounced MO-LIB-DEN-UM. But that is the least of what I learned.

I started my search with books I have at home. I looked up Molybdenum and this is what Time/Life's Medical Advisor reads:

The obscure mineral Molybdenum is and enzyme component. It helps generate energy, process waste for excretion, mobilize stored iron for the body's use and detoxify sulfites - chemicals used as food preservatives. Molybdenum is essential to normal development particularly of the nervous system

Next I got online and came across mainstream-Mayo Clinic's website. This is what it read about Molybdenum: ...if the body does not get enough molybdenum, certain enzymes needed by the body are affected. This may lead to a build up of unwanted substances in some people.

A build up of unwanted substances, detoxifies and important particularly for the nervous system? Why had not one Md or LLMd tested my Uric Acid levels before? How was this neglected? If I was deficient, COULD this be a part of the puzzle to getting my health back? I knew this was huge and I had to study more about Uric Acid and this mineral. Immediately it was very obvious that normal Uric Acid levels in the body is of extreme importance.

I have no idea how long my Uric Acid levels have been low, but it is scary to think that it is so necessary for your body to detox substances and I didn't have enough. I wondered if sulfites (food preservatives) NOT detoxing could build up over the years and cause what appeared to be "food allergies". I have had what seems like so many food allergies start since being diagnosed with Lyme that there were few foods I could eat. I also wondered what other symptoms could be caused by these toxins "stuck" in my body.

This led to more study about the amazing mineral Molybdenum.

Next I found ONE article from a fairly well known alterrnative LLMd, but even this article would only "brief me" and send me into another direction of study. Here is what that one LLMd had written: Molybdenum is very useful for detoxifying the toxin aldehyde from the die-off of Candida-type yeast. This is important to Lyme sufferers because aldehydes are considered neurotoxins, or nerve poisons.

Without a doubt interesting and now I was hot on the heels of the Molybdenum/Candida connection and I found out more than I could imagine! In an article (link to follow) I found online it reads: ..much of the harm done by Candida results from its waste product, acetaldehyde, which in turn can affect the metabolic, neurological, endocrine, and immune systems. ( Full article a MUST read: )

But still, what did this mean for me? I had been tested for Candida and was negative...oh, wait, that's right testing is NOT reliable, it is afterall, only a test!

Candida is a form of fungus/mold, they are all of the same family. This reminded me that several years ago I had an HLA test. Basically this test is to determine what your body has issue with, i.e., problems detoxing lyme die-off, or other types of detox problems. The test had shown I had no problem detoxing lyme die-off, however I apparently had a problem detoxing fungus/mold. We had "plate" testing of our home to find out if we had a normal amount of mold spores (every home has some released through air vents) and everything appeared "average" so the subject was dropped.

First of all, if you have done antibiotics for any length of time, you have developed yeast. This is something I was not ready to believe, but it is true. I had taken strong probiotics everyday, never missing a day in the 4 years I had been on antibiotics. I am a female and showed no "classic" signs of yeast infection and remember, I had a negative Candida test done at a VERY reputable lab.

Maybe Candida was not the main issue, maybe I just wasn't detoxing the die-off of Candida, molds or fungus. Probiotics and other natural herbs such as Olive Leaf Extract (just to name a couple) do kill Candida (confirmed by my LLMd) and I had been on Olive Leaf Extract and Probiotics for years. Yikes! Killing something and the "remains" staying in my body?!?! In fact, if you visit a Candida forum you will find many sufferers cannot tolerate probiotics due to the die off and symptoms it causes.

Molds and fungus are in the air we breathe. Maybe I was toxic from the inability to detox these toxins because my Uric Acid was low caused by a Molybdenum deficiency and that would mean I COULD NOT detox these poisons and they were circulating deep in my body, in the muscle, nerves, tendons and brain. Sounds awful!

Cognitive issues of brain fog, tremors and chronic flu-like symptoms did not hit me until year 2 of treatment with antibiotics. I had to wonder if at that time I developed full blown Candida. I was better in some ways and worse in other ways. The first couple of years I had serious death-defying (mostly nerve) pain, but not many cognitive issues. It all seemed to make a lot of sense. I could be sick with yeast or toxic from the die off of yeast, mold and fungus. God help me, I knew this could really hurt rooting out that garbage!

Ok, so like a math genius, lol.. I added it all up so far. It gets somewhat complicated so stay with me! Here we go:

Years of antibiotics likely = Candida/yeast.

Probiotics and Olive Leaf Extract (or other yeast killers) = Candida killing.

Candida killing = Die off (called Acetaldehyde).

Acetaldehyde/aldehydes = neurotoxins, or nerve poisons and can affect the metabolic, neurological, endocrine, and immune systems.

Foods = sulfites (food perservatives found in many foods) need Molybdenum to detox

Low Uric Acid = Molybdenum deficiency

Molybdenum deficiency = No detoxification of ALL of the above and that would = MISERY!

It would then also make sense then that if you are taking anything that kills yeast/candida, natural or prescribed (olive leaf extract, garlic, oil of oregano, coconut oil, Diflucan, Nystatin, etc.) you should make sure you are detoxing the die off by having Uric Acid levels checked.

I tried to drop the mind-numbing subject and tried not to think much more about it. All of that sounded too painful, I have been in agonizing pain, but I KNEW that if I went down the "detox" road, I was in for more of what I had been living already. When you don't want to face something, pretend it doesn't exist! Well, guess what? Here came the thought of low Uric Acid when old symptoms appeared. Ugh! Looked like I would have to face the elephant in the room.

A few months passed and heart palps started (again). I of course had heart palps in the past, one of my 50+ symptoms. I also had muscle twitching start (again). These were common symptoms I had before that had gone away, but now they were back and quite the attention getter, they were really bothering me. I had been on Magnesium everyday for these symptoms and it had seemed to make them vanish, so I increased Magnesium, but nothing changed.

I again thought of my low Uric Acid levels. So, I looked up symptoms of low Uric Acid, it read: Heart palps, muscle twitching, my symptoms were on the list, ok, not a big deal, my symptoms are on EVERY list. I decided to go to the nearest vitamin store and get some Molybdenum to see if that might calm the heart palps and twitching. I bought Molybdenum 250 mcg tablets (ingredients on the label read: molybdenum amino acid chelate, this may be important as there are different types of Molybdenum). I was just about to take one full pill when I thought, no, I better start with half. It turned out to be a good call. I have learned MOST of treatment is gut instinct and some doctor input, only my opinion. But I take an active roll in my health care and what I am capable of and not capable of is important.

Within 12 hours or so, the heart palps had stopped, but I was in what felt like the "herx" of a lifetime. I cannot express all that I was going through, weakness, feelings of insanity, tremors uncontrollably and severe nausea. That night I had drenching night sweats, something I do not get. The next night I took only a 1/4 tablet. 24 hours later I went into heavier tremors and weakness, imbalance, scared spitless, I got into my infrared sauna to "sweat it out". It helped some, I took a Xanax and finally, thank God, relaxed some. That night I had drenching night sweats again. It would be silly to ask what was going on, an obvious detox process.

I called my LLMd and told him everything. Thank God for this open minded man, he is my hero. I emailed him all the articles I had found on Molybdenum. He read them and told me "One mineral deficiency can change everything". He was happy to learn all that I had learned. He believed (as I did) I was creating a detox process, my body trying very hard to rid itself of the overload of toxins I had built up from perservatives on foods, molds from the air, fungus and yeast and possibly even mercury. I told him I could not do one more day of Molybdenum, I had to stop, it was too much for my over stressed body. He doesn't like any patient of his herxing hard EVER or going through any die off or detox process to the extreme of being very sick. He said that was fine, advised me to stop and to allow my body to "clear" itself of the toxins it had apparently brought out.

Amazingly and beautifully within a week the toxins were eliminated it seemed. It was followed by 3 really NORMAL days in a row! Heaven had come to earth! I felt well, healthy, stable, clear, no pain, no fog, no tremors - just HEALTHY! I wondered how long it would last, since I was likely deficient in Molybdenum and still on antibiotics. I was sure I would soon start building more toxins if I didn't stay on the supplement and soon the cycle would begin again. 2 weeks passed and although they weren't as perfect as those 3 days, I was in a very comfortable, non-stressful, relaxed state of being, I felt good compared to most days. It was time though to do Molybedenum again. My LLMd wanted me to re-create the effects when I felt better. Something I both didn't and did look forward to.

I am writing this 5 days after doing Molybdenum again. The past week has been like a little piece of hell on earth. I took Molybdenum 5 days ago and within 12 hours again, extreme tremors, nausea so bad, weakness, feelings of insanity all started. Literally, dripping, drenching night sweats again the next 2 nights. My body apparently struggling hard to rid all it was detoxing from deep within my body. I am not in the "better phase" yet but I am confident I will be. One thing it is clearing quickly is my brain, amazing! But my body is suffering at the moment a lot of really uncomfortable things going on. The "herx" for me from Molybdenum would rival any antibiotoic herx. I truly have to wonder all that it is detoxing, the sensations are sporadic shots of nerve pain, tingling, numbness to the extreme, symptoms I have not had in a long time have re-emerged. (UPDATE: I was very "sick" following one dose of Molybdenum for 10 days. I went straight from bed to the couch and was nauseated horribly and had a mulitude of symptoms return. After those hideous, horrendous 10 days - this time I had 8 days of near-normal health. I felt energetic, little pain, clear as a bell and was elated how great I felt. So many symptoms gone, just gone, including pain, tremors, fog and more. I will admit I am afraid to do another dose of Molybdenum but find that is is going to be necessary to keep detoxing the poisons that will re-emerge if I don't continue. So more of this is coming. If I can feel that good after feeling that bad, then this is detoxing some horrible junk and I have resolved I must get rid of the toxins that having low uric acid cannot detox. It must be done carefully though and knowing I will feel worse when toxins release isn't something to look forward to, but the days that follow are. There isn't a doctor that I know of that has done serious research of this and my LLMd is absolutely astounded and fascinated at the detox herx-like cycle followed by feelings of "wellness".

The "herx" reminds me of what I have learned to be Bartonella symptoms/herxing (believe me, I know Bart symptoms and herxing I have beat it twice and the herxing in a word is crazy) and the detox even seems to mimic Babesia symptoms with the heavy night sweats. Can you imagine for a moment that somewhere along the line I may have gotten Ld and Co's under control only to "exchange" it for yeast, mold, sulfites that mimiced the symptoms so precisely of those of Lyme/co-infections I never knew it? It is a thought, I don't know the answer, but it feels feasible. Not to mention, if it were in fact true this "exchange" has taken place, I have "fed" the yeast with more and more antibiotics, then killing w/OLE and probiotics, creating a vicious cycle. All theory and speculation on my part, with no proof, but again feasible and makes total sense to me.

My study continues, the subject is complex and just when I think I have learned it all, I learn something new. I have found many excellent articles of the detoxing effects of Molybdenum, which I will include at the end of this article. I do know that if you are not detoxing sulfites (food perservatives), yeast, mold, fungus you are feeling quite sick. That on top of Lyme and Co's, makes for a miserable existance. Toxins of all kinds have to be able to get out of us, otherwise they will remain in us causing symptoms. But I have a serious feeling this is not where the benefits of Molybdenum end.

During my "good" phase I was able to eat Pizza and most any foods without incident (normally very hard for me) something I avoid due to an increase in symptoms. I have been tested every which way for Celiac and Gluten issues, all normal though. So why the food allergies? Candida mimics Celiac and Gluten intolerance (article below). Alternative Md's believe that not detoxing these substances will make you more sensitive to foods and even chemicals (Multiple Chemical Sensitivies) and they have their symptomatic patients take Molybdenum for 4 months and have found they become symptom-free and that symptoms return in most cases when Molybdenum is stopped (article below). The body should be in a continual state of (being able to) detox.

Considering that if Uric Acid is low and caused by copper toxicity, the good news is Molybdenum chelates (removes) copper. But be aware that we all need certain levels of copper, it essential to health and that copper levels should be monitored while on Molybdenum, it would be extremely detrimental if copper became too low. .

A very wise thing to do would be to have your doctor test your Uric Acid levels, it wouldn't hurt to have a copper test as well (I advise having both a blood test and 24 hour uric acid urine collection) when you have your next lab tests. Also important is a Urine Sulfite Test (they are used as food perservatives and in asthmatic inhalants and many antibiotics!) Sulfites in the urine can also mean Molybdenum deficiency (see link below). Print and/or discuss the links below with your doctor and discuss adding (very carefully) Molybdenum as a supplement if your levels are low or if your copper is high. Discuss Molybdenum and these tests with your doctor.

This subject I am finding is never ending and exhaustive, it truly never ends. One "find" leads to another. I have edited this many times and it could turn into a book by the time I am truly finished.

Interestingly, I found this regarding Sulfites (the link is at the bottom of this article w/other links of interest:

How Sulfites can Hurt You - Sulfites can hurt you if your protective Sulfite Oxidase enzyme (a chemical that converts one chemical to another chemical) is low. Sulfite Oxidase converts sulfites to sulfates, which are not harmful. If your Sulfite Oxidase enzyme is down, the sulfite will swim around your blood and inhibit important enzymes such as Tyrosinase, polyphenoloxidase, and ascorbate oxidase. This can result in the impairment of the synthesis of Dopamine and the conversion of Dopamine to Noradrenaline, which can lead to neurological fatigue. Also, sulfites can inhibit 90% of lung ATP energy production, can impair liver cell ATP energy production, and can deplete glutathione (chemical that helps the liver filter the blood and helps protect cell enzymes from damage). Anything that reduces your production of ATP energy can cause fatigue, since low levels of energy are synonymous with fatigue.

Ironically, I found that most foods that contain Molybdenum, I have been avoiding because I thought I had a food allergy to them, they increased symptoms for me. Even multi-vitamins bothered me so I stopped them years ago. I learned the multi-vitamin I was taking had Molybdenum in it. Now it makes sense the foods (the multi-vitamin) that contain Molybdenum were definitely creating a symptoms increase. But now I believe it was because of the Molybdenum content I was unaware of not the food itself. It likely could have created a mild detox of the sulfites and other "crud" built up and likely has never been food allergies. Also, it would seem if yeast is a problem, then food allergies would make sense. One thing many with Candida report is a craving for sweets. The thought of sweets gag me, but I don't think that means I am yeast-free.

Just when I thought I had read it all on this subject, while writing this I visited a Candida forum and I learned that Molybdenum detoxes Mercury as well. Candida patients say it can be hard to use at first but once the toxins are out you will feel much better. This just gets more interesting, so my study will continue. (link on Mercury detox):

At least 2 doctor's I have found online recommends FIR (infrared) sauna's only to get the toxins out when using Molybdenum, since infrared "pulls out" toxins through the bodies largest organ, the skin. He seems to think it is the best way to get the poisons out once the supplement is started. Also, Trace Minerals are important when using a sauna to replenish electrolytes. Again, it is stressed that copper levels much be watched closely so you don't become deficient of copper. Patients recommend (and I found this by accident to be true) Methyl B12 will help with the hideous die off and chelating effects of Molybdenum. Also, my favorite, Activated Charcoal.

Molybdenum is a subject apparently that is little known to the medical community and I truly believe much more in the years to come will be learned to the importance of it. I just keep digging deeper and keep coming up with more information. I don't think it is a far stretch to say that maybe Molybdenum does MUCH more than is known. I found this SO important and interesting and my experience so compelling that I felt it necessary to tell the world, in high hopes it will help someone, maybe many!

I tried to cover most things associated w/Molybdenum deficiency and the importance. I am sure not many doctor's have not ever gone this deep into study of this one important mineral. I did not even touch the surface of copper toxicity symptoms, which a deficiency of Molybdenum can cause. I will leave the copper toxicity issue up to those interested in researching that avenue.

In the end, I don't know if this "THE" answer for me or anyone else, but I do know it could be a very important piece of the puzzle that we all are trying to put together. Who knew a Uric Acid test would lead to all this? We all know that winning this war is trial and error and each of us will find a slightly different path to health. Keep searching and always ask for copies of your test results so you can read them for yourself and research everything until you find the answer. Never quit, never give up, you can be healthy again!

(Below I have posted many links for your study. Links that led me to the facts written here)

Please never start any supplement without Md supervision!

See Links of interest below for your study regarding this article.

Links of interest on this article:

Candida Symptoms:

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The Candida/Aldehyde Detox Pathway And The Molybdenum Connection:

Molybdenum - (From Beating Chronic illness):

Low Uric Acid levels:

The Art of getting well the Molydenum for Candida: ... tients.pdf

Candida vs. Gluten Intolerance Symptoms:

Molybdenum's treatment of certain cardiovascular conditions, asthma, allergies and mercury toxicity:

Sulfites in urine test a need for Molybdenum

Inefficiency of a single detox enzyme causes brain fog and more:

Molybdenum important to our DNA:

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