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 Post subject: Dangers of Antiperspirants & Hair Dyes
PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:35 pm 
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We have enough problems with this disease or parasites, viruses or metals and more. I thought you should know there are dangers of these two common products that can cause many symptoms. This is only a briefing to read more I encourage you to google each subject.

A girl working at a nearby health food store told me to never buy any antiperspirants. She explained that it contains many ingredients that are toxic to the body and you never want to stop your body from "detoxing" by perspiring. So I asked what to use. She said buy a natural deodorant aluminum free.

I couldn't imagine not using an antiperspirant because I perspire. I ended up buying an aluminum-free deodorant at Trader Joes (don't know if Trader Joes are in all parts of the country) their own brand natural non-toxic with cotton as the absorbent spun in it. Adidas use to make a similar one but it no longer is available. You may want to check Ebay for aluminum free deoderants or google it to see if there are other makers besides Trader Joes if you don't have one near you.

When I first started using it, it didn't help me from sweating, in fact things got worse! I was sweating more than usual and almost went back to my old antiperspirant, but hung in there and am now glad I did. It took nearly 2 months for my body to adjust to the change.

Truth is now I hardly if ever sweat. I thought to myself it is almost like the antiperspirants were actually the cause of my sweating. Well I was actually right! According to the article below, it is true, our bodies become sort of addicted to the aluminum! The 2 months of sweating after switching was actually my body detoxing the aluminum.

Bottom line antiperspirants are dangerous! Lymph glands located under the arms are being filled with aluminum (picture: ... er-arm.jpg ). Here is an article I located googling this subject that explains the dangers:

"Perspiring is hardly attractive and to most it is not optional. Therefore many turn to antiperspirants to stay dry. However, antiperspirants contain a toxic aluminum-based compound to prevent sweating that poses serious risks including Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer.

Sweat-stain-free clothing is not more important than our health or worth putting toxic chemicals in our bodies.

On, Dr. Eric Hanson of the University of North Carolina's Department of Dermatology explains antiperspirants work because aluminum ions are taken into the cells that line the ducts at the top layer of the skin. When the aluminum ions are drawn into the cells, water passes in with them. The cells begin to swell, squeezing the ducts closed so that "sweat can't get out."

Aluminum causing the plugging of glands is both unnatural and unsafe. Toxins must be released from the body, but if the glands are blocked, this can only mean that the toxins are being deposited elsewhere and possibly causing harm.

Aluminum has also been connected to Alzheimer's disease. states, "aluminum does turn up in higher amounts than normal in some autopsy studies of Alzheimer's patients." It's amazing what risks people will take in order to avoid a wet spot on their shirt.

There is also widespread controversy about aluminum being linked to breast cancer. It is a fact that women are urged not to use antiperspirants several days before a mammogram because the aluminum appears on the X-ray.

Furthermore, preservatives commonly used in antiperspirants and other cosmetic products have been found in breast tumors. One would think that people would have more sense and throw away their antiperspirants and refrain from ever using them again, but people willingly sacrifice their health and continue to apply these harmful products just to be able to say that they don't perspire.

Cancer researcher Philippa Darbre, of the University of Reading in England says the evidence is rising that the aluminum ingredient in antiperspirants can mimic estrogen in the body and that estrogen is a risk factor for breast cancer.
There are many alternatives available without aluminum. In order to prevent body odor, harmful chemicals don't need to be added to our bodies that may cause a number of problems in the future.

As technology advances, deodorant companies are developing antiperspirants without aluminum. Adidas created the "Aluminum-free Cotton Tech" that acts as a deodorant and antiperspirant. It is 100 percent aluminum-free and its patented Cotton Tech "absorbs and evaporates wetness naturally."

It's common for people to say that deodorant alone doesn't work, but this is because our bodies are accustomed to the constant level of aluminum. If we never used antiperspirants, our bodies wouldn't be dependent on them to keep us dry.

This goes hand in hand with coffee drinkers who consume the beverage every morning for months or even years. The day they stop drinking coffee they are likely to get a headache because that same level of caffeine isn't in their system. But if they stop drinking coffee altogether, they will go through a withdrawal period until the caffeine is out of their system completely, then the body will adjust.

The human body is constantly warding off diseases, and when we add toxins, we are only making our bodies work harder. Increasing health problems to avoid perspiring is not worth it".

Here is another link of the dangers of antiperspirant aluminum:


Hair dyes contain ammonia and other dangerous ingredients. As a child I was a natural blond. As I got older my hair darkened, I lightened it for years. I always wondered by the overwhelming smell if it was toxic, what a dumb question really of course it is! I am now have allowed my natural color, a darker blond to grow out. At first, I let my hair grow out about six inches then bought a nearly non-toxic natural hair dye (at least ammonia free) and darkened the lower half of my hair, (not allowing it to touch my skin or scalp) it was one way to match my natural color growing from the roots and bring it back to its natural color.

Here are some links regarding hair dyes: ... 102804.cfm

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