Pepe needs prayers (CF double lung transplant)
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Author:  jmgarnet76 [ Sun Jul 06, 2008 10:13 am ]
Post subject:  Pepe needs prayers (CF double lung transplant)

I post this here because I know you all will pray for this woman.

I go to many many blogs. Through each blog, I tend to meet other miraculous people. Through my friend Patience, I met Tricia & Nathan. Through Tricia & Nathan, I met Alice. Alice has CF and had a double lung transplant before Tricia. Now through Alice, I have met another lady. A lady that has fought and fought a wonderful battle. That lady is from Minnesota and her name is Gina. Her friends call her pepe. Gina also has Cystic Fibrosis and has been in the hospital quite a while. On July 3rd, her physicians made the decision to put her on this last ditch effort called ECMO. I'm not sure exactly what that is, but apparently generally people can only be on this for about 10 days and a lot of times they don't come off of it unless it's to die.

Well four hours after the surgery to put her on ECMO, they got "the call." Pepe had new lungs waiting for her. So Pepe had the surgery for double lung transplant. Her lungs were so bad that her doctors thought there was no way those lungs should have been supporting life. There was pus that squirted out of them when they opened her up. During the surgery, they had to repair a hole in her heart that they discovered. AND they had to resection the lungs because they were too big for her small body.

Since that initial surgery, they've had to go back into surgery twice. That means in a very short time .. Gina's had her ribs cracked open three times.

She's continuing to fight and has no clue that she's had three life saving surgeries. Please pray for my "new friend."

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