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 Post subject: What an amazing day
PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2008 5:25 am 
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How are you all feeling today?

Let me tell you what happned to me friday. I went to Sams club with a friend, and was waiting for her, I struck up converstation with the woman behind me with two young twins and her mom. We started talking Joyce! Then she starts tell me that it's Revival week in her church, I grew up Lutheran, and know nothing about this. She starts talking healings, miracles, etc, I said "man I sure could use a healing", kinda playing around, but really serious you know. She invites me to go to her church, wrote down directions we talked for about an hour there. Now , just in our conversation at Sams club, things had come up, that I heard Joyce say that morning (she hadn't seen it yet).... my hubby grew up Catholic schooled and is "trying to forget religion", so wasn't sure how this would go over.... but he said, "go, what do you have to loose" I went! It was very powerful. It was a "church of God", and they had an Evangalist in for the week. When this man stood up and started preaching, you couldn't help but hear! at what I thought was toward the end he wanted anyone who needed God to come up, so my new friend, Paige and I (we clung to eachother sobbing, I told her my story and about all of you) walked up and knelt down, (she's a member of this church and "used" to this stuff right) He prayed over me, put oil on me, and I fell backwards , just like on tv, while Paige sat next to me praying over me for me to heal, I lay there praying for all of you , I suddenly got what seemed like a knowing that we were all going to be alright, and i just looked up at her and smiled and said "it;s all going to be alright, we're all going to be fine!" we laughed and cried. I was in this church for over 3 hours! Not once did I think "is this almost over" in fact at the end, I couldn't believe it was past 10 at night! Had to get home 2 hours before!

So a lot of people spoke in tongue there, and I can't remember what it was she kept saying over me, I wish I could. Now I have NEVER spoke in tongue before, don't really know what it is even, if it's a whole language or what. And she asked him to pray for my soul, and he told me I would speak in tongue, I didn't at first, I think I resisted. He kept sayig "feel it from your belly" and all the sudden there I go! wow. So what it really is, is a REAL connection with your soul and God. I was wondering if it might be a language Jesus used in his day. Does anyone know more on this?

so anyhow, growing up Lutheran, they did candles, wore robes had organ music, you sat in your seats, stood up, sat down , stood up, this people were clapping, and praising, it was awesome, these 50 people had more spirit in them than I ever felt in my packed church. and another difference, at the end while these 'healings" are going on, EVERYONE is up at the altar singing and dancing praising God.... growing up, you went to the altar for the wine and wafer. that was it. nothing against how I grew up, it was a solid foundation. I just coulnd't beleve how different this was. I had never been to a church like this.

So anyhow, long story short, you have all been prayed for and WILL BE HEALING!

"something good WILL happen to me today"

(Isaiah 53:5 NKJV) But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.

Any advice given by me, is just that, advice. I am not a medical doctor, and I suggest you talk to your doctor about any concerns.

 Post subject: Re: What an amazing day
PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2008 10:21 am 
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I am so happy you went to this church service. I hope you go again. The power of a roomful of Christians at an "alive" service..there is no feeling like it.

Speaking in tongues is defined as (this is not from the bible - these are just definitions): Ecstatic speech or prayer using an unintelligible language that is considered a gift of the Holy Spirit. A God-given language. The ability or phenomenon to utter words or sounds of a language unknown to the speaker, especially as an expression of religious ecstasy. Also called glossolalia.

Here is a link on it: ... topicid=80

Remember, even if you aren't ever healed at the church meetings, they are joy to your spirit and that is what you need for strength. Like I said, I hope you go again sometime, it sounds like a very "alive" church..I have been to church services where I thought it was a funeral not a "joyful" meeting about God, some churches do not have that alive feeling and I cannot stand a dead church service, I want to experience joy, sense God and the power of it all.

If you found that, you are lucky it is hard to find. Trust me....of all the churches I have been to, none click w/me. I started years ago w/Catholic because my mother was Catholic, moved on to other local non-denominational churches, some more alive than others, but over all not enough to bring me back. I just learned of a non-denominational church about an hour from here that draws 2000 people per week, they say this church is alive and fast becoming very popular to Christians. I'd love to go.

There is also a baptist church close to us I have never gone to, Baptist seem alive and fun...I prefer non-denominational but if they believe in Jesus (I know the truth & the bible, so I can sift through all the man-made up "church doctrine") and preach mostly New Testament, that is what matters.

So happy you experienced God.

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