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 Post subject: What if it's not a herx and I am just super sick?
PostPosted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 6:58 pm 
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How do I tell if I am herxing or not? I assume that I am, because I have felt this way before...but how do I know if it's just that the Biaxin/Doxy is not working, and maybe my coinfections are simply worsening? What if I need another round of the Mepron? Is that possible? My LLMD put me on it (mepron) back when I was first diagnosed in December, and I believe I was on it for 21 days. Is it possible that it wasn't long enough, or should I just assume I am herxing all the time?

When I feel this badly I definately get freaked out, and I think about how long I have had this bacteria in my system and I REALLY get freaked. I KNOW I will be healed of this - in my heart I know it. Nonetheless, I have periods of fear, I admit it.

Do I call my LLMD and see if she thinks this is a good thing, that this combo is working? Or do I just wait for my next appt. (not sure when that is, I am supposed to start IV in July). I don't even WANT IVs anymore, because if it's going to make me even SICKER than I have been, then I don't want it....(realistically, I will do it, I just don't want to herx!)

I am pretty sure I have posted this EXACT topic on numerous occasions...once again, I appreciate your help....I only have a few weeks of work left until summer break, hopefully that will be restful!

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 Post subject: Re: What if it's not a herx and I am just super sick?
PostPosted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 10:03 pm 
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It really is a good question I think we all have asked ourselves.

Herxing by description is a flare of symptoms, return of old symptoms and start of new symptoms. It can last weeks, months or much longer.

I have yet to really figure it out...a classic herx, you should "ideally" feel better when it is over (yeah right, still waiting on that one). But I always think I am getting worse, not herxing. So I can't tell you.

I have learned now doing this so long and keeping a diary - that my symptoms "cycle" - for instance the first of the month I go through what seems like a herx, early awakenings, pain, shakiness, etc., etc., then it stops for awhile - then as my period approaches this feeling starts again.

Many would say a true herx happens every 4-6 weeks when Bb grows (that is when abx kill it, when it grows) - but that isn't it necessarily true either, because there are strains that grow all month.

Wish I could help more - everytime I nose dive - I automatically think I am getting worse then I pull up some to more "lyme normal" and the cycle starts all over again.

I know I have platued -I am not getting any better and not getting any worse (phases of being worse) - but I am not going forward. Abx changes are extremely hard for me, my body is so sensitive to adding and taking away any medication - the the pain increase is terrifying.

Seriously, the best thing I have done is get the infrared sauna - really consider it Julie some research, they help LD symptoms so much. Many LLMd's highly recommend them. I wonder if you can use them with a PICC line? I will likely (hopefully) be on IV by fall...we'll see.

Sure, call your LLMd, you could ask, why not? You are starting IV already?? Wow, I swear - it makes me so mad that treatment in Calif is so slow, so far behind other states and that the LLMd's I have seen have left me on orals (to suffer endlessly) for so many years. Let us know how your next appt goes and/or what your LLMd says. I'd like to know myself.

Hugs - hope you feel better,

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 Post subject: Re: What if it's not a herx and I am just super sick?
PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:04 pm 
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i have the same questions. but i agree with the infrared sauna. my body does not tolerate any i cannot do it....if your body can still regulate temperature, it is a great investment.

 Post subject: Re: What if it's not a herx and I am just super sick?
PostPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2009 5:29 am 
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i'm in the same boat as Dana it seems. I know when I very first started treatment it seemed like i herxed for months... then after a while I seemed to fall into a cycle...but I still really can't say I had "good" days...tollerable days, yes...and only because I would take extra pain meds to help me get thru the day.

my doc never tested for co infections, he said we'd be going thru so many drugs anyhow, the only one that needed a special drug was babs, which he felt I didn't have...I don't agree...

give the doc a call and see what he has to say

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