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 Post subject: Question Dana
PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2008 8:13 am 
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Dana do you know how long Biaxin stays in the body? Seems like you have said it is short lived. Laine is trying to start Biaxin after finishing (finally) with Amoxicillin. I tried breaking the tablet into thirds but it has some sort of enteric coating on it and the broken tablets make her throw up all her pills every time. She finally chanced a whole one Saturday night and a major herx hit her like a ton of bricks mid day Sunday. She still can't move this morning and I am wondering how long this herx may last. I wonder if I could put a piece of a tablet in a gelatin capsule. Anyone know if it makes any difference if the Biaxin is absorbed by the stomach or intestine?


 Post subject: Re: Question Dana
PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2008 6:28 pm 
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Hi Susan,
I actually started by breaking them in half and didn't have a problem, but vomiting is a side effect that can pass.

The half life is about 7 hours - that is short lived - out of the body entirely in 14 hours. It's sister Azithromycin one pill (entire life) lasts in the body ONE WEEK! Zith nearly killed me, I always needed the shorter acting drugs.

I was told by my LLMD that herxing can last up to a couple weeks on Biaxin and then out of nowhere you might have 3-4 amazing days. I found this to be true. Although Biaxin is the only drug I have done that I didn't herx on, about a month later I had 2 very low pain/tolerable weeks!! It really started changing things for me, it is a slow acting drug, but a good one. I love it for that reason. Now I just dropped Amoxi and started Bicillin shots again....oh shot can last 14 days and even small amounts can still be detected at day 28! But everyone says Bicillin (if you can hang in there) will change everything, so here I go again.

Is she taking Biaxin w/Amoxi?

It makes no difference if she takes it with or without food, I would usually take it with milk. Then lots of water. Make sure she drinks a couple 8 oz glasses of water with it, I had burning of the bladder because I wasn't drinking enough water with it.

You could ask her LLMD to prescribe a lower dose, if cutting them makes her sick. They also come in 250mg. Does he know she was bitten again? Have you discussed possible viral issues/testing? I have found time and time again, people with active viruses (including me) find abx intolerable, much, much harder herxing too. He may blow it off, but don't give in until she is tested for all viral issues. I gave you the link in another post, but all articles are available by clicking on "Board Index" then click on "Everything you need to know about Tick Borne Diseases" the viral article is there. Please consider is very important, she is going through so MUCH of what I did in the beginning. Finally I convinced my LLMD to test me viruses and I had viral titers higher than he had ever seen! (If viral testing shows IgG or IgM "out of range" she needs Valtrex). She needs a full work up of viral tests, all tests are listed at the Virus article.

Biaxin is GREAT drug and gets many well....I pray she can tolerate it, (some can't) just make sure it is "herxing" and not having side effects...keep us updated. Maybe she isn't ready yet & should just stick with Amoxi for awhile longer. More info re: biaxin, click here:

Give her hug from me! Tell her I know how awful this is...but she will slowly take baby steps and slowly start feeling better, it takes time. If she can, have her keep a diary. My progress was so gradual, without my diary, I wouldn't have known I was actually progressing.

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