Had to stop mepron.
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Author:  krissy [ Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:27 am ]
Post subject:  Had to stop mepron.

I talked to my LLMD yesterday and he took me off the Mepron. When I tell you I if I would have continued taking it in a weeks time i would not be able to drive. It made me severely catatonic and extreme fatigue. I have been off it about 4 days now and I'm just starting, today to feel a little more normal.

He put me back on Doxy, I did good on that. Levaquin and Tinasidine (sp) on weekends, working my self up slowly.

He, the doctor actually called me and took time to listen. Canuck was there yesterday for her appt, we texted and she told him he Just Had to call me today. It was so sweet of her. Sometimes you don't get a call back for days or weeks.

:hug: Thank u Canuck, if u read this.

I strongly believe that by the end of this year, I will no longer take any more antibiotics. I'm going to stick to detox, natural and eating right. It' would make my time on antibiotics 1 1/2 years so for me that's enough.

Please pray for me that I can just get thru the next couple of weeks till my body gets back on track. :pray:

:hb: Krissy :hwings:

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