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Author:  Cog1st [ Mon Feb 18, 2008 6:26 pm ]
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Links to study and learn about lyme disease and co-infections

For More Resource links visit our main website (click on Resources)

Everything you need to know about LD: viewforum.php?f=6

LDRD: Lyme Disease Research Data Base - sign up for monthly newsletters. Become a member and have access to LLMD treatments, patients success stories, detoxing, nutrion and more: http://www.lyme-disease-research-databa ... index.html

Dr. James Schaller's website (may type in search box Lyme disease or scroll through all articles - LD topic more than half way down):

Why pain weakens the immune system: ... .php?t=468

Symptoms List -

Excellent site for information:

Excellent site for information:


LD and Co-infections symptoms -

Basic information link explains unreliable CDC test & much more -

Reliable LD and co-infections blood testing -

When to suspect Lyme -

Dr. Burrascano Treatment guidelines -

ILADS - Treatment Guidelines:

Public Health Alert Newspaper - Newspaper dedicated to Lyme Disease (click on IN THIS ISSUE) or look up archive issues and information - (Highly recommended site that had has new issues every month)

Real story of 15 years with LD & Comprehensive list of link:

Comprehensive list of information regarding LD to heavy metals, Lyme Disease conference notes (highly recommended reading):

Lyme info:

Antibiotics used for LD and co-infections ... 4-1215.pdf

What to expect when on antibiotics - Herxing, the worsening of symptoms -

Worried about becoming addicted to pain meds - read this: ... -addiction

This site may ask for your email address to enter, do it, it is worth reading. You may receive a health news letter from Dr. Mercola or not ... idemic.htm

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