Finding a Lyme Literate Md
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Author:  Cog1st [ Mon Feb 18, 2008 11:10 am ]
Post subject:  Finding a Lyme Literate Md

The best way to find a Lyme doctor is through ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society), their website is very informative, you will find everything from treatment guidelines to why the standard lyme test is not reliable:
You can contact ILADS for LLMD referral by clicking their "Contact" link on their site. Here is the contact info, they are happy to help if you contact them:
Executive Director: Barbara L. Buchman
Address: PO Box 341461
Bethesda, Maryland
Fax: 301.263.0776

Lyme Disease Doctor Referal ... rrals.html

Call the LDF referal at 860-870-0070

Tip: Google your state to see if their is a lyme disease association -for example... "California Lyme Disease Association" - if you have a state LD association, they also can help w/finding an LLMd.

Questions to ask before seeing the doctor...

Once you find an LLMD it is wise to ask several questions. First are they a member of ILADS (, If the answer is yes you really don't need to ask anymore questions. If they say no ask if they use Igenex for testing of lyme and the co-infections (MOST IMPORTANT!) . Ask if the doctor bases treatment on the results of the Igenex test results (he/she should NOT). Igenex tests can return negative, but it doesn't clear you of Lyme Disease. Remember there is NO one test that is 100% reliable. Igenex is the most reliable testing, but Lyme Disease treatment should be based on symptoms, not blood test results lab tests are used ONLY to help support a diagnosis. Last but not least, ask if they treat "chronic lyme disease" with long term antibiotic therapy until well.

The answers to these questions are important. If they are not an ILADS Md they may still be good, in my opinion as long as they use Igenex for testing and treat long term w/high dose antibiotics until symptom free.

The "pioneer" in Lyme Disease treatment has his guidelines online and anyone with Lyme should be familiar with treatment. Dr. Burrascano treatment guidelines can be found here: ... _17_08.pdf

If you are still unable to find an LLMD using these links and methods, you may register at our forum and make your subject LLMD needed.

Author:  Cog1st [ Sat Apr 25, 2009 10:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Finding a Lyme Literate Md


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