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Author:  Cog1st [ Mon Feb 18, 2008 11:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Cameron's Story

Cameron's Mother sent this to me to post, thank you Amy for sharing your son's story :
Family Researches Son's Mysterious Illness
Roseville Teenager Recovering From Lyme Disease

He was an honor student and a star athlete. But when a mysterious illness suddenly sidelined a Roseville teenager, his parents were desperate for answers.
Cameron Holloway was a typical teenager and a picture of good health. When he complained about a headache after a soccer game last September, his parents didn't think twice. They had no idea it was the first sign of an illness that would devastate their family, Local 4 reported.
"I go to places and I see high school kids and it breaks my heart because he is not being a 16-year-old running around, driving his car, chasing girls, playing his sports, you know the typical teen things. And that's upsetting," said the teenager's mother, Amy Holloway
Amy Holloway said she wondered, as a parent, what she could do.
"You hurt because your kid hurts," said Amy Holloway.
Cameron Holloway went to the emergency room, and doctors diagnosed him with migraines, Local 4 reported. But his condition continued to worsen.
"You have a healthy, normal child and basically becomes dehabilitated," said Ken Holloway, the teenager's father.
By October, Cameron Holloway was too sick to go to school and too weak to even think about playing soccer, Local 4 reported.
His parents said nothing was easing his pain, and they knew it was something deeper. Amy Holloway turned to the Internet for answers. She said she learned from a woman in Pennsylvania that it could be Lyme Disease.
Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection spread by infected ticks. Amy Holloway thought of her family's many camping trips and time spent outdoors. But when she addressed the idea to doctors, they "seemed to laugh at me," said Amy Holloway.
The mother said she still knew something was wrong. A first test was negative, but a second test confirmed Cameron Holloway had Lyme Disease, Local 4 reported. His parents were stunned. They said he did not have a large bulls-eye type rash that is often associated with Lyme Disease, but only 30 percent of people with the disease get a rash at all and it does not always look like a bulls-eye, Local 4 reported.
Symptoms of Lyme Disease include fatigue, fever, chills, headache, stiff neck and muscle or joint pain. When left untreated, Lyme Disease can attack your heart, brain and nervous system, Local 4 reported.
Cameron Holloway is now being treated with antibiotics, but faces a long road to recovery. He is focused on building up his strength so he can return to school, his friends and hopefully play soccer, Local 4 reported.
"My knees get weak and they hurt. I have muscle pains. I get night sweats, numbness in my legs and it's been really hard," said Cameron Holloway.
He said he knew of Lyme Disease, but didn't really know anything about it before.
His parents are grateful their son is being treated, but wish his illness would have been diagnosed sooner. They said they are frustrated that so much attention in Michigan is focused on more exotic diseases, such as bird flu and West Nile virus. They want everyone, including doctors, to be more aware of the risk.
The best way to prevent Lyme Disease is to protect your family from ticks, Local 4 reported. Wear long pants and tuck them into your socks in wooded areas, use an insect repellent with deet and check yourself and your pets for ticks.
If you have symptoms, get to your doctor quickly

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