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Author:  Cog1st [ Mon Feb 18, 2008 11:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Lisa's Story

Hi, my name is Lisa. Im a divorced Mom of three. My kids are all teenagers ad leaving home one by one! Sniff sniff, I dont want them to go. I have two naughty dogs and three cats and a bunny. I used to work three jobs. I was a caregiver coordinator/trainer at a homehealth care company. I worked part time at a nursing home at night, and I DJ at a local bar on weekends. Well my nightmare actually started 15 years ago. I started having skipped heart beats, and what the Drs called panic attacks. Then about a year later I started getting a very stiff neck and extreme headache with strong pressure in my head. I broke out in hives all over my legs that no medicine would help. My back muscles started to go into spasms. Every year was a new symptom. I just started thinking these must be the aches & pains of everyday life. Everybody must go through this. Then finally in the last year my symptoms just became unbearable. Ive developed intolerance to many foods. Especially anything with yeast or gluten. If I ate I became weak and shaky. My heart would pound. I could NOT drink alcolhol without paying a heavy price. Ended up in Urgent Care twice. Started having terrible tremors and shaking. And the numbness I had in my hands and arms was starting to move to my legs. I was losing my short term memory. Id answert the phone at work and not know where I was or who I was talking to, and I was getting lost a block from my house. I developed a fever that would last three months. Finally my Dr, after about twenty blood tests in a month, decided to test me for Lyme. I got a call a week later that it was positive and to go pick up my prescription of Doxy at Walgreens. I was SO happy to have a diagnosis after all this time! If I only knew this would only begin the nightmare! Drs are not allowed by the IDSA guidelines to properly treat Lyme. Also there is several coinfections that come along with Lyme. Im lucky, I only have two. Bartonella and Erlichiosis. I am losing all my jobs and dont know what I going to do. Some days I can get up and halfway function, other days I cant get out of bed. This disease has just about taken my whole life. I could go on & on but I will end here. I'm askinga nyone who visists here with Lyme & or co-infections to comment on my blogs. I want to help educate people about this disease. Thank you & God Bless. Lisa
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