Lebowski's story
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Author:  Cog1st [ Mon Feb 18, 2008 11:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Lebowski's story

I ll try to write this as a lyme story but it will look like a life story anyway cause i think i had a chronic infection all my life long ..
i remember me as an anxious child . this can be explained by my mothers pschotic , overcritizing character but also her pschotic character can be explained by my grandfathers being a lumber merchant whose some of best friends were ticks . he went bankrupt later and this is explained with his being a lazy man in the family . i wonder if he was lazier than i m .
as a kid living in a neighborhood full with grass and trees and street dogs all around , one of my hobies was to( clean) the ticks of those dogs , an other was to find little cats and carry them home till grantmother takes them out again . well maybe i took some borrelia from my family or found them in nature with my own (work).
i was a very good student at school with some extra ordinary sucsess but always had phisical problems like being underweight and height , with obvious shortness of breath which never took a heart failure dx . i remember static electric shocks from those years and they became much more often in those years i had social phobia and obsessions for almost ten years begining from the age 20 . i was having my univercity education when this social phobia began and with some great luck i could find maybe the best pshciotherapist in the country . unfortunatly he did not believe any chronic infection psichology connection and never needed to check such a phisical examination except the ( i think it was eeg , they connect some diots to the head and have some readings ) which came back normal . the social phobia had began after highly aerobic taekwondo class which can be just coinsidance .. i had to give up taekwondo because of a chronic tendinitis at my foot . i had seen 3 drs for it and noone could do anything.
in the years of obligatory military service i found myself crawling in bushes and grass . an hidden soldier from the human enemy whose blood was in the service of ticks .
years passed by i was a bit anxious slightly depressed guy who was lazy as can be . i had the feeling like " i cant be more exhausted " but this happened right after the kickbox lessons and this time i lost like 30 pounds in six months. i had all the regular blood tests plus tuberculosis , hiv and sypilis tests and all came back normal . and when i had the colon obstuction and had a constant pain in the stomach area for two days which didnt let me sleep for two whole days , i decided to to go alone with the therapy this time and began to dig internet . i checked every connection and here i m .. when i look at the sypmtom list of chronic lyme there r really a few symptoms that i didnt have . in the past pschologic symptoms took me away from life and now the chronic fatigue .
i began 4 months ago the lyme therapy which i do it alone if i dont count dr.internet cause there is not a single llmd in the country and i m really too tired and have little money to find an holistic dr that believes in chronic lyme or other chronic infections being the reason of chronic fatigue .
well in this 4 month my memory got obviously better . i could never memorize words, names especially roads but now even if i m having a strong herx my memory is much better than this .i dont have gastrointestinal symptoms like diearha and consitipation anymore , no obtruction , nothing . my anxiety level is also decreased obviously especially when i m not herxing . i used to take twice the amount of sleeping pills , now this half gives me better sleep than before , actually if i can solve my hypoglycemia problem which awakes me several times a night , i can say i sleep good . the most evident thing happened is my re-hairgrowth . not only on the scalp but everywhere in my body . the body hair had gone almost 50 % and i hadnt had too much hair on the scalp left . they came back . i m losing lots of hair in times of herxes but i still have much more hair than 4 months ago . a weird symptom which i wouldnt mention if i hadnt seen at a lyme article is the shrinkage of the censored . well ok boys measure it and we didnt care if it was funny to measure or not . my censored was more than an inch shorter comparing my teenage years , now it s an inch shorter ( yes i still measure but this time with medical reasons ) .i m having much less road rage also and no more cold hands and feet . just one more thing to mention is the chronica athropicans symptom . i have had just the same foot u can see at internet pages , swollen and blue after a sunburn .. it just happened once , it was like 15 years ago and i friend had given me some, in his words "powerfull " abx then it disapeared in a few weeks time .
i m on a road to gain my energy and life . god bless dr. internet cause it will take some more time for the medical community to take care of chronic infections like lyme , mycoplasma , clamydia etc . till they have some more human losses .

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