L. Lane's Story
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Author:  Cog1st [ Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:59 pm ]
Post subject:  L. Lane's Story

I've had Lyme disease for just about two years now (written in '06) My plight started
when I returned home from a day-long hike with a poppy seed-sized
hitchhiker on me. When I found the tick I didn't think much of it; there was
no Lyme disease in Las Vegas...right?

Wrong. Within a couple of days, I found the bullseye on my stomach.
Within a few weeks, I was suffering from a stiff neck, flu-like achiness,
a sore throat, headaches, and another strange, blotchy rash that
spanned my face and upper chest.

The soonest I could be seen at my GP's office was by her associate, who
assured me that there was no Lyme disease in Nevada. He refused my
request for a Lyme titer.

Six months later, I was so sick that I could barely function. Not only
was I ALWAYS tired and constantly in some type of pain or suffering
from nausea, but I found that my mental state was deteriorating as well. I
saw my GP. I tested positive for Lyme on a CDC-approved ELISA
titer...however, the Western blot came back negative. I was denied a diagnosis,
but given two months of doxycycline "anyway."

At the end of the doxycycline treatment, I was deemed "cured," even
though I still felt sick, and I was told that perhaps I had developed an
autoimmune disease. I broke out in a full-body EM rash
( ... %20Lesions), but by now
my GP was unwilling to address any further concerns regarding the
persistence of my disease, and she outright refused to allow the scheduling
of an appointment for the purpose of examining at the lesions.

My health plummeted, and I was forced to quit my job. Suddenly with no
money and no healthcare, I felt like I had no recourse...this illness
was threatening to take everything from me.

I began to research the IDSA's guidelines on Lyme disease diagnosis and
treatment, and I was appalled. Being the avid critical analyst that I
am, I felt I had no choice but to do what I did best...and expose the
IDSA's mistakes and lies for what they were. You can view my analysis

L. Lane

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