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 Post subject: How severe is Lyme Disease
PostPosted: Sat Apr 10, 2010 1:13 pm 
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How severe is Lyme Disease

Lyme is an easy to get and hard to treat disease. It is quite simply and epidemic. It is more times than not, misdiagnosed.
(See this link: ... erreported—and-epidemic/ )

Lyme disease is caused by the borrelia burgdorferi bacteria. A spirochete (spiral shaped) similar under the microscope to syphillis.

Many are led astray by Lyme-illiterate Md's. Many doctor's will tell people that they do not have Lyme because it is rare, or doesn't exist in their area (fact: LD has been found in all 50 states and around the world, there are 300 strains). Uneducated patients believe incorrect information and continue the search for a diagnosis. Many search for years and see many, many doctor's before coming to the truth.

Lyme has unreliable testing and so many symptoms and can wax and wane so much, it isn't hard to see why doctor's cannot diagnose it correctly. There are rarely two people presenting with identical symptoms and every bodily system can be effected and infected from the brain to the feet.

Lyme disease symptoms has many variations of severity. Typically, is believed the longer it is left untreated the more severe it can be and the harder to treat. Lyme can become chronic and life altering and disabling.

Weeks to months after infection, Lyme disease can invade the heart, other organs and the nervous system. Symptoms can vary far and wide. It mimic's Parkinson's disease, MS, ALS, Lupus, Fibro, CFS and a long list of other "incurable" diseases. Hormonal imbalance, thyroid disease, Migraines, vertigo, pain (from achy to excruciating) stomach problems and a host of other symptoms. Lyme is capable of causing literally every kind of symptom you can think of.
Symptoms lists can be seen at the main website under the Resources link.

Lyme is believed to be carried by many unknowing individuals. It can be asymptomatic (showing no symptoms) or cause Fibromyalgia, insommnia, headaches, fatigue or nervous system symptoms from peripheral neuropathy, numbness, tingling to anxiety and feelings of insanity and is so far reachign symptom-wise it can cause symptoms that one may not even be able to describe.

It is believed by some doctor's to be at the root of many illnesses. It is a virulent bacteria that is "intelligent", hiding and evading antibiotics forming cysts that can protect it from being killed. It can invade healthy cells, camouflaging itself and go unnoticed by the immune system.

Walking into a primary doctor's office reporting symptoms such as anxiety, depression, aches, pain, fatigue and more is often misdiagnosed as Fibromyalgia, or Chronic Fatigue and many other diseases.

Severity of symptoms can run from functional to bedridden and even death. Lyme Disease is a maddening disease that makes a patient feel utterly hopeless and not much relief can be found through symptomatic relief such as pain medications, antidepressants and sleep aids.

Lyme and/or co-infections is believed to be the cause of many mental illnesses and physical distress in the body. To find more articles, video's and recommended reading, surf this section by clicking at the top of this page on "EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TICK BORNE DISEASES".

Co-infections (other bacteria most LD patients have) can cause many symptoms of their own and they too must be treated. Co-infection treatment should never be overlooked and testing must be done in addition to a Lyme western blot.

Testing is unreliable. Tick borne specialty labs such as Igenex can give a more accurate picture and diagnosis. Mainstream labs running the ELISA and WB are "kits" that leave out specific bands that be very important to an LD diagnosis.

A negative LD test means little. A lyme literate Md can diagnose with or without a positive or negative blood test and should be first on anyone's list to see if they feel they could have LD.

Not remembering a bite is common. There is believed many ways of transmission, including many vectors, such as fleas, biting flies, mosquitoes and more.

There are many reliable websites and information available. Lyme Disease forums and talking w/other LD patients can also help you get on the road to wellness.

Treatment is mostly hit and miss. But one thing many well Lyme patients have in common is long term, multiple antibiotic protocols, lasting months to years.

For more information on Lyme -go to our main website: - check Resources for symptoms list, testing and definitions/treatment of Lyme and co-infections.

Lyme literate Md's can be found by visiting: - under the "contact" link you can email or call them for more information on reliable doctor's.

Join us on Facebook and connect with other Lyme patients: ... 2524317756
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Truth About Lyme Disease Home Page:
Truth About Lyme Disease Video :

Always check w/your MD regarding advice given by me or any member at this forum & any articles & info. at this site. Site disclaimer: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=16

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