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 Post subject: Self testing Muscle and Sway testing
PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 3:12 pm 
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This post will likely leave you with more questions than answers. It is in regards to the ever growing controversial "muscle testing" and "sway testing" containing studied facts and links and provides a Christian view point as well as a "world" viewpoint of this testing used more and more in the Lyme patient
SWAY TEST outlined below first a little history and its relation to Muscle testing.

Muscle testing or best known as ART for short (Autonomic Response Testing) a muscle test to determine what abx are agreeable or not for you. Also designed to help many different disease sufferer's choose the "correct path". Some people swear it is real others, do not.

HISTORY (these are not my opinions, but facts): No clinical trials have been done on muscle testing to prove one way or the other it is "real", this method does not have a shred of scientific validity.

It actually is criticized by the Christian community and is often considered nothing more than using a Ouija board. It is a controversial 'muscle test' in every regard, some believe in this test, others have called it "hoax" or "mystical" medicine. Usually used by chiropractors and used in Japan origin - Hindu. ART is believed to be first developed by Dr. Klinghardt.

Other definitions: and ... sting.html

I have seen arguments break out at forums between the "believers" and "non-believers". Opinions can be strong one way or the other. More on muscle testing:

Is this actual "proven medicine", are their studies to prove this is fact or fiction? No, there are no studies. Or, as some believe is it a tap into a spiritual realm, seeking advice from a source we shouldn't?

Either way, if you'd like to try this, here is a test that is suppose to be just as good as muscle testing, the same in deciding foods, abx, vitamins & more.

You can do this at home and many say you will have the same exact result if given the actual muscle test. ( Here is another link on self testing: )

"Sway Test"

There are some who believe your body will be drawn forward to what you need and away from what it rejects and doesn't need.

The sway test is a form of applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and is claimed to be an accurate measure for testing supplements, medications and all manner of food sensitivities and allergies. It teaches that your bodyis a pendulum with only forward and backward movement.

"If you hold whatever it is you want to test (food, vitamins, herbs, or remedies etc.) on the chest or solar plexus, close your eyes and ask the question, "Is this good for me?" then, keeping the question in mind, stand quietly until you begin to sway. Normally, people lean forward, toward what they are holding if it is good for them, and backwards, or away from the item if it is not good for them.

Some people don't lean in the usual directions - one man went around in circles for "Yes" and sideways for "No" which was simple to figure out using the regular muscle test on the same items he tested himself on."

I tried this test on myself using many meds and vitamins and here just a few of my results: Not good for me indicated by backward sway on me included most every abx: First Rifampin, I almost felt like someone was pushing me backwards, same with Biaxin, amoxicillin, bicillin, mino, cipro, wheat bread & green tea, all forcefully backwards! Good for me indicated by forward sway, Doxy, antiviral - acyclovir, valtrex. Vitamins, methylcobalamin b12 injections, Magnesium citrate, vitamin D, B- complex. No sway no matter how long I stood there with Flagyl.

Interestingly, almost every antibiotic I presented in front of me and asked the question "is this good for me" I felt a push back, I found more eerie "feeling" than I did answers.

My (college aged) son who experimented as well, mentioned how odd the feeling, literally a feeling of being pushed forward or backward, he's right, I felt that too.

We also used meaningless items like a pen and I swayed forward - obviously I need ink! :roll:

Here is an actual article about sway/muscle testing and the Christian viewpoint:

Other energy testing:

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