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 Post subject: Beware of Toxin Binders - there are safer detoxers
PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:57 pm 
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I was fully on the Chitosan bandwagon!

After all the link below was irresistible, my pain was high and I needed to detox apparently, or so I thought.

I was excited, I posted about it here at the forum, I knew this would be the answers to my prayers! But I did not study the possible side effects or even read the WARNING on the bottle that it can "absorb nutrients".

This great link floating around all LD forums, made it sound like it was too good to be true and it likely is: ... sp-59.html

I took it for well over 6 weeks and had increasing pain, depression, irritability - you name it - a full blown ( what I thought was a ) symptoms increase. At first I believed it was related to "moving out the toxins" but this wasn't true. I knew something was wrong.

Some history...

Chitosan, first was developed as a weight loss supplement, the idea was to take before eating and it would absorb "oils" and sweeps them out of the body, also preventing high cholesterol. But it also absorbs other nutrients from food and supplements.

As my symptoms increased my doctor ordered a Vitamin D test. The results were critically low, 18! Normal range is 32 -100, anything under 20 is critical. MS patients try to keep their D around 100 and always we should be at 60 or higher.

The makers of the Chitosan I used, warn not to use 30 minutes before eating and/or until 2 hours after eating as they also warn that it will absorb any and all (good and bad) oil.

Vitamins, D, E,A and K are oil soluble vitamins as are the Omega 3's, Flaxseed oil, etc. I was very cautious not to take them near or around Chitosan, it may not have made a difference. But I believe the blocked absorption.

I do not know how long I have been deficient in Vitamin D, but I do believe nano particle (which gets into the blood stream) is partially if not totally responsible for my vitamin D loss and increase of symptoms.

Vitamin D loss can increase pain and cause many other problems, adding to our LD symptoms. Many symptoms of Vit D deficiency are the same as LD symptoms.

D regulates Calcium, which likely means I am also calcium deficient.

Another LLMD I spoke with told me if detoxing were effective, it would remove the good we need in our bodies too and he advised against it. He was right, I should have listened.

I am highly suspicious this supplement has swept important oils like vitamin D out of me and stopped them from absorbing from food the food I ingested as well (that was its original purpose).

One LLMD told me that deficiency of Vitamin D can keep one bedridden with pain!!!

The hype going around the internet regarding this binder and others please beware -my personal experience is that it was not worth it. This goes for all other "toxin binder" natural or prescription, BEWARE!

If you do use a toxin binder, I advise blood testing on a regular basis for the oil soluble vitamins and make sure your LLMD is aware of what binders can bind if he approves any.

Facts I've found regarding Chitosan, that I also have found true for other toxin binders:

Chitosan doesn't work much differently than psyllium. Too much of either will remove the good fat along with the bad. Psyllium absorbs 40% of its weight in water, which helps in elimination. But if you take it without enough food, you can cause yourself a lot of gut problems.

Chitosan blocks the absorption of fat. It will also block the absorption of any fat-soluble nutrients, like vitamins A, D, K and E, as well as fatty acids from flax-seed oil & the Omega 3's

I advise anyone to research nano particle chitosan or just chitosan in depth before ever adding it to your regimen.

Definitely talk with your LLMD regarding safety before ever considering use.

PART 2 - Safer Detoxers (Addition to post)

Problem with binders like, cholestyramine, chitosan, psyllium and others is that they not only bind the bad toxins the bind the good vitamins we need, especially D, E, A and K and fish oils etc.

Instead of using binders, if you have a homeopathic LLMD or not I would ask about using Pekana products. My husband (who also has LD/babs) have found these to be great "healers" without the agony of a detox "herx".

Most cannot be sold directly to the public and need to be purchased through a health care clinician. At this website you can read about each product to see exactly what its use, for instance, AILGENO is a spleen detox, apo-Hepat detoxes the liver and gallbladder. The are liquid and several at a time can be used, they last quite a while. My LLMD recommended them and they really helped my husband (with LD/Babs) feel better.

Pekana Mucan for me worked wonders, as it is used for people with possibly candida and/or sensitivities to molds.
More on Pekana products: (available through health care practitioners)

Ask you LLMD or contact Pekana and see if they can give you the name of distributor, I highly recommend these products, and I am no longer risking 'binding' of the good vitamins or blocking absorption of much needed nutrients.

My absolute favorite Activated Charcoal- read more here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=286

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Always check w/your MD regarding advice given by me or any member at this forum & any articles & info. at this site. Site disclaimer: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=16

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