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 Post subject: Bicillin LA & CR differences for Lyme disease / IM inj video
PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:17 pm 
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Bicillin LA & CR differences for Lyme disease / IM inj video

Always check with your LLMD before starting any new drug or supplement!

All information contained herein should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. The information provided here is for educational and informational purposes only. In no way should it be considered as offering medical advice. Please check with a physician if you suspect you are ill. NO LIABILITY WILL BE ASSUMED FOR THE USE OF THESE ARTICLES. The information contained is not intended for medical advice. You should always discuss any medical treatment with your Health Care Provider.

Bacteria's Bicillin kills

Aerobic gram-negative bacilli
Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans 2nd line
Capnocytophaga canimorsus 1st line
Eikenella corrodens 1st line
Pasteurella multocida 1st line
Tropheryma whippelii 2nd line

Aerobic gram-negative cocci
Neisseria meningitidis 1st line

Aerobic gram-positive bacilli
Bacillus anthracis 2nd line
Corynebacterium diphtheriae 2nd line
Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae 1st line
Propionibacterium acnes 1st line

Aerobic gram-positive cocci
Leuconostoc species 1st line
Streptobacillus moniliformis 1st line
Streptococcus Group C 1st line
Streptococcus Group G 1st line
Streptococcus agalactiae -Group B- 1st line
Streptococcus iniae 1st line
Streptococcus intermedius group -S. anginosus, S intermedius, S. constellatus- 1st line
Streptococcus pneumoniae PCN sensitive, MIC < 0.1 mcg/ml 1st line
Streptococcus pyogenes Group A 1st line

Anaerobic gram-negative bacilli
Fusobacterium necrophorum 1st line
Leptotrichia buccalis 1st line
Prevotella intermedius 2nd line
Prevotella melaninogenicus 2nd line

Anaerobic gram-positive bacilli
Actinomyces israelii 1st line
Actinomyces naeslundii 1st line
Actinomyces odontolyticus 1st line
Arachnia propionica 1st line

Anaerobic gram-positive cocci
Peptostreptococcus species 1st line
Viridans streptococci 1st line

Bartonella bacilliformis 2nd line

Borrelia burgdorferi - Lyme Disease 2nd line
Borrelia recurrentis 2nd line
Leptospira interrogans 1st line
Spirillum minus 1st line
Treponema pallidum - Syphilis 1st line
Treponema species -other than pallidum- 1st line

Videos of how to do injections are located at bottom of this page


Bicillin injections have proven for many people to extremely beneficial. I often wondered why this isn't every LLMD's first choice antibiotic. It has proven time and time again to put LD into remission, especially when taking oral antibiotics such as Flagyl (cyst buster) or Biaxin. If you are getting nowhere on oral antibiotics, ask your LLMD about Bicillin LA injections, they are proving to be as good, if not better than IV!

For Lyme disease the preferred Penicillin G injection is Bicillin L-A because it contains more PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE than Bicillin C-R.

Bicillin L-A 1.2 contains 1.2 mu (1,200,000) of PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE and no other penicillin's such as penicillin g sodium or penicillin g procaine.

Bicillin C-R 1.2 mu contains 2 penicillin's, 900mu (900,000) of PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE and 300 (300,000) mu of penicillin g procaine.

There may be different strength's available.

(NOTE: Mexican version of Bicillin C-R "Benzetacil Combinado" contains 600 mu of PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE 300 penicillin penicillin g procaine and 300mu penicillin g sodium Mexican version of Bicilin L-A is Benzetacil (non-combinado) 1.2 mu of PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE - picture at bottom of post)

1.2mu (1,200,000) of PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE 2-4 times per week, can kill latent syphilis and since syphilis bacteria is similar to Lyme bacteria borellia burgdorferi it is most beneficial. Bicillin is not proven to kill co-infections, although there is theory and possibility it may be effective against some Bartonella's. It can be used in combination with oral antibiotics as your LLMD sees fit.

Bicillin L-A is simply PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE. Bicillin C-R contains the same exact PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE at a lower dose along with other penicillin's as listed above. Discuss with your doctor which may be more affordabl and a strong enough dose of PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE for you.

Bicillin LA is an expensive brand name drug rarely covered by insurance. It has been around many years, since the 50's and still has no generic available and none in sight.

Since there is no generic or any in sight, you could check with your prescription drug insurance and ask them if you can get what is called either a Prior Authorization form or a Drug Exception form. Your doctor will need to fill out his portion and your prescription coverage may accept it as covered.

If you cannot get this drug covered at your pharmacy, you should also check with your health insurance carrier to see if they will cover the shots if given in a "clinical" setting such as a hospital, Md's office or outpatient injection/IV service.
Ideas for no insurance coverage of Bicillin and/or no drug authorization or exception. Options to discuss w/your LLMD

This may sound crazy (it did to me & still does) but people have discussed with their LLMD using veterinarian Bicillin, some say there is no difference between it and the human version, make sure to consult with your LLMD regarding this before ever embarking on any new treatment such as this. I have found in my study of the subject that most veterinarian Bicillin is possibly the CR equivalent, if that. I have found Penicillin G procaine, but not that label PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE as an ingredient. I have not found an LA equivalent in my search of veterinarian Bicillin, but it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. That is why you need to ask your LLMD.

Also a Pharmacy called Curascript in Orlando - 1 800 504 9265, they charge about $20 per shot vs $50 per shot at most pharmacies. (I have not verified this - this info was given by another LD patient).

Also, there are LLMD's who approve of their patients getting their Bicillin from Mexico. I do not mean online pharmacies, no! Mexico, being another country is not bound by American patents on drugs and Bicillin is available as a generic from Sandoz and other manufacturers. For the many that live along Mexican border towns, Penicillin G inject-ables can be purchased in Mexico (at reputable pharmacies) inexpensively.

From what I understand a written note from your doctor will allow you to cross the border returning home with medications for your own personal use. You are not allowed to claim drugs for anyone but yourself. But please make sure to check with your LLMD and check into the most current laws regarding medications brought back to the U.S. before attempting this or it can be confiscated at the border. Starting in '08 passports will be required for drive-across & pedestrian visitors.

Here are links regarding Mexican medications: & ... ico_rx.htm

Check the FDA website for medications that should not be purchased in other countries:

The Mexican version of Bicillin CR will reads "combinado" (ingredient list above -pictures at bottom of this post). I have actually used this formula and herxed severely, I had to stop after 7 shots total. The first 3 shots actually made me feel better then the slammer was the 4th shot, the herx was long term because it stays in the blood a long time. Many people report no herx with Bicillin. Benzetacil is the Mexican equivalent of Bicillin L-A. Benzetacil Combinado is a Mexican close equivalent of Bicillin C-R. My CD57 jumped from 58 to 140 in that short time. As mentioned above, the Mexican CR version contains 600 mu PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE, 300mu Penicillin g Sodium, 300 mu Penicillin g Procaine. The difference, Bicillin C-R in the U.S. does not contain penicillin g sodium, why I am not sure, it is listed as a Lyme arthritis cure (see below). I was told by other patients that Bicillin CR would not work for Lyme, that is was short acting. But my research and speaking w/my LLMD shows that isn't true, anything containing PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE is low solubility and long acting. I used it, I can tell you my experience was that of any antibiotics I have used, more so, since it penetrates deeply and even into the CNS.

I looked up each ingredient and found astounding information that they all work for all stages of syphilis, including latent & neurosyphilis. PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE. Penicillin g sodium is prescribed for Lyme Disease, Arthritis in Lyme Disease, Inflammation of Heart due to Lyme Disease, Lyme Disease of the Central Nervous System, according to WebMd. I personally did notice my joint pain was diminished and almost completely gone when using this formula. Here are the individual links to each ingredient in the Mexican CR version: Penicillin g sodium (read it all and then below other uses) - Penicillin g procaine -

I personally have talked with people using Benzetacil (Mexican Bicillin) and veterinarian penicillin G procaine (which I am not convinced is the same unless it has PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE) But all said they started with the expensive American version, but found the same results using these alternatives. I do not in any way condone this, I simply mention it so that you might have a less expensive option if your LLMD approves. Make sure to speak with your LLMD first, ask him/her if it is an option for you.

Bicllin has been around since the 1950's, back then you could patent a drug and there was no time limit to the patent. A drug patent in those years was indefinitely. This is one reason Bicillin L-A has never had a generic version in the U.S., it was patented at time there was no limits. Drug patents now have time limits. But since other countries are not included in American patents, they can make/buy & sell generics of most any drug.

Many of our medications are imported from other countries anyway and the U.S. also supplies many countries with our medications. Talking with your LLMD regarding this could ease your mind about taking foreign medications if you and your doctor choose to do this. Foreign "fakes" are rare except when purchasing narcotic pain relievers, there is rumor that some of their vicodin etc., is not the same. But their antibiotics seem to be safe, I have not talked with anyone who has used them and had a problem. You can check with the FDA regarding foreign medications with any concerns.

If your insurance covers CR and not LA, ask your LLMD about starting with and possibly using a higher dose of Bicllin CR. Some would disagree with this because the CDC specifically says Bicillin LA is approved for latent syphilis (spiral shaped bacteria). Bicillin CR simply is PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE (same ingredient in LA at a smaller dose) w/penicillin g procaine. The PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE is what we need to kill LD and that is why most LLMd's will rx Bicillin LA.

Below are links that will help you determine the differences in the Bicillins. IM (muscle) injection information and pictures & help with of the location to give the shot avoiding veins, arteries and nerves is explained.

My research of Bicillin at this link is explained more in detail below:

It appears that Bicillin CR may hit at a slightly higher (released) dose at first, but then drops to the same levels of LA over a week period. Make sure to look at the seven day level when studying the links.

The only difference ( confirmed by my doctor, check with your own LLMD) between both is LA remains in the blood up to 14 days with a 1.2mu shot and a 1.2 mu shot of CR 7-10 days, because CR contains less PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE that LA does (900 mu of PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE and 300 mu procaine = a 1.2 Bicillin CR -vs- Bicillin LA penicillin G 1.2)

Here is an simple description of both Bicillin CR and Bicillin LA, note they read almost exactly the same:

Bicillin CR

"Penicillin G benzathine and penicillin G procaine have a low solubility and, thus, the drugs are slowly released from intramuscular injection sites. The drugs are hydrolyzed to penicillin G. This combination of hydrolysis and slow absorption results in blood serum levels much lower but more prolonged than other parenteral penicillin's. Intramuscular administration of 1,200,000 units of Bicillin C-R in adults usually produces peak blood levels of 2.1 to 2.6 units per mL within 3 hours; this level falls to an average concentration of 0.75 units per mL at 12 hours, 0.28 units per mL at 24 hours, and 0.04 units per mL at seven days
Entire link can be read:

Bicillin L-A

"Penicillin G benzathine has an extremely low solubility and, thus, the drug is slowly released from intramuscular injection sites. The drug is hydrolyzed to penicillin G. This combination of hydrolysis and slow absorption results in blood serum levels much lower but much more prolonged than other parenteral penicillin's. Intramuscular administration of 300,000 units of penicillin G benzathine in adults results in blood levels of 0.03 - 0.05 units per mL, which are maintained for 4 to 5 days. Similar blood levels may persist for 10 days following administration of 600,000 units and for 14 days following administration of 1,200,000 units." Entire link can be read at: ... isp_cp.htm

This tells us fairly plainly that CR starts off slightly stronger, since it has a low solubility and at day 7 is the same units per mL that LA is. Depending on strength of either CR or LA, the shots last from 4-14 days or longer the higher the dose.

Discuss the difference with your doctor.

Since they are this similar, both containing the needed PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE , the antibiotic that kills LD bacteria, it seems that if the dose is adjusted CR could be used instead of LA AND you will still be receiving PENICILLIN G BENZATHINE in either LA or CR. CR is much more affordable (about 1/3 the cost of LA) from what I understand.

The following link is Bicillin at a glance by the CDC, keep in mind that Lyme is very similar to syphilis and this chart shows LA as the recommended choice for syphilis ONLY because LA simply is stronger than CR if given the recommended dose:

Giving yourself Bicillin injection links to help:

Instructions for IM injections at home:
Bicillin is given in the upper/outer quad of the buttocks. It is best to ice the area for about 10-15 minutes before the injection, this really helps numb the area and the injection hardly noticeable if at all. After the injection, walk. Walking is advised to help absorb and relieve any pain. I have also found mild heat for a few minutes after the shot to help.

Below are views of IM injection sites of the "hip" area Bicillin should be given in. Some of these pictures show other places for IM injections such as B12 but Bicillin I understand is always given in the upper quad of your buttocks because there is hardly no chance of hitting a vein/artery/nerve in that area. Injecting Bicillin into a vein/artery/nerve can be extremely dangerous. Never give yourself Bicillin shots in any other muscle but the upper quad gluteus , almost near the hip, unless your LLMD specifically tells you to. The syringe size used is 3ml, needle size 18-21 gauge, 1.5 inches long.

There are many who give advice on a less painful bicillin shot. Some say to ice the area for 20 minutes before the shot. This never worked for me, it did help my son though. I prefer relaxing the muscle before the shot, a warm heating pad on the location before the shot relaxes the muscle and helps me very much. Another theory, lidocaine cream. Nope, didn't help at all.

When actually giving yourself the injection, the most IMPORTANT advice I can give is to take the weight off of the side the shot is being given. You can test this ...stand on both legs push on the general area the shot will be given you can feel the muscle, now take the weight off that side, lean against a wall or rest your foot on a stool, now feel the area, it feels soft the muscle is relaxed. Keep the weight off - is very important to a painless shot, a tight muscle is a painful injection. Even when the shot is over, I won't put weight on that side for another 10- 15 minnutes, I will put the heating pad back on it and I never feel pain. After 10 minutes or so of this, I walk is important to walk after an injection.

Nurses manual (pdf) of IM injections: ... ursing.pdf

PICTURES OF EXACT LOCATION ... tion/small (X marks the location of the shot) ... 6/6-22.jpg (how they teach w/a "dummy" in med school)

Videos of IM injections

Go to Youtube and search IM injections
Site disclaimer:
Additional Disclaimer: the information on this page is used entirely at the reader's discretion, and is made available on the express condition that no liability, expressed or implied, is accepted by the authors or publisher for the accuracy, content, or use thereof.

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Always check w/your MD regarding advice given by me or any member at this forum & any articles & info. at this site. Site disclaimer: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=16

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