Antibiotics effect on the immune system
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Author:  Cog1st [ Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Antibiotics effect on the immune system

I have heard all over the internet at forums that antibiotics weaken the immune system, but I have never found the proof during my studies.

So, I decided to ask Dr. Stricker President of ILADS. He is an immunologist/hematologist and his answer was short and to the point, "No, this is a common misconception, antibiotics actually help the immune system".

I didn't ask him to elaborate, but said, "I suppose if you pictured in your mind a battle on a battle field and a thousand guys show up to fight 10 guys, the thousand guys without a doubt would win, so taking antibiotics would kill off much of the bad "army" giving the immune system a much better chance of fighting, sort of making the battlefield more equal?". (Of course my example of the thousand guys would be the borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme bacteria) and the ten guys our already compromised immune system)

His response had excitement in his voice, as if I described it well and said, "Yes, exactly!"

I wanted to pass along this information, as Dr. Stricker is a well known LLMD and has done much work with Dr. Burrascano (now retired) and

Ultimately, it is up to each of us what we choose to put in our bodies and in the end I believe following your own gut instincts are very important. I have had such strong intuition that I should not take certain antibiotics prescribed or recommended, I simply declined and would not take them. Yet down the road as I felt stronger, was more inclined to accept the next step. It can be difficult switching or adding antibiotics, as many of us may really start to feel better, at least attained a livable state of pain or symptoms. But don't settle for partially well, go the distance, no matter how uncomfortable, it is necessary to attain full wellness.

I personally felt my current medications were working slowly but surely and asked to remain on them. Funny, because a few month later my LLMD told me to continue, obviously showing improvement in my immune system CD57.

I am a stubborn patient, but I think in the end I know my body very well and what I should or should not do. But eventually when plateaus are reached it is time to move on to other antibiotics.

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