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 Post subject: Vertigo..the nauseating loss of balance..this may help!
PostPosted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 1:31 pm 
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The Benign Positional Vertigo exercise that will not fail, try it, you have nothing to lose except the spinning and nausea!

It must be explained that the word "dizzy" is loosely used and can describe many sensations. True loss of balance that creates spinning, nausea and even crawling on the floor, associated w/the inner ear is BPV (Benign Positional Vertigo). This won't help all forms of "dizziness" but it will help BPV

Definition/description of true BPV: ... al_vertigo

Years before I was diagnosed with Lyme (this possibly was my first symptom of it) on January 1, 1997 I woke up and got out of bed and fell right back into bed, as if my body was weighted on one side. I attempted it again and this time ended up on the floor. My world was spinning and I was crawling. One of the most scary experiences of my life.

In the months that followed, I went to 10 Md's that said "It will go away". But 3 months of it, it was not going away, although I was learning to "deal" with it by not moving my head quickly or certain ways.

I eventually saw one of the best Ear Nose and Throat Md's in the country (award winning) that sat me in a chair and dropped the chair back, it spun my world. He said my eyes shifted and rolled in an attempt to regain focus, he then commented "Yep, you have Benign Positional Vertigo and I will show you how to get rid of it". I had seen 10 Md's at this point that had given me no answers, so this doctor telling me I could get rid of it made me wonder if he was a quack.

He explained the excercise (below) and told me that it would induce dizziness and nausea before it would cure it and if I could work up to 20 reps per day it would be gone. He explained that in our inner ear there are sand-like particles that can float out place and cause our balance to be thrown completely off. He said there are 3 origins of dizziness, this exercise will NOT work for 2 of them. There is heart related dizziness, brain related dizziness and inner ear related dizziness. He explained the exercise will only work on inner ear related dizziness, true BPV. The one way to know possibly if you have BPV is that dizziness will be induced by the movement of your head. Possibly looking up or down or side to side will make you lose your balance.

I went home and thought I'd give the "ridiculous" exercise a try..what did I have to lose?

This is the exercise, every step is imperative!:

Lay flat on your back on the floor, if it creates dizziness STAY THERE until the dizziness stops. Arms lay normally at your side. Then roll up onto your side to the right side, letting your head drop slightly down below your shoulder, if it creates dizziness STAY THERE until it stops. Then roll back to your back, again, if it creates dizziness STAY THERE until the dizziness stops. Then roll up onto your left side, again, if it creates dizziness STAY THERE until the dizziness stops. Then roll back to your back. THIS COUNTS AS ONE REP! Goal is to work up to 20 reps!

People will give up because this induces dizziness and nausea, but it will CURE it, so stick it out and keep trying several times per day until it is gone! Do it as long as it takes, days, weeks, etc. It works!

It was extremely scary, it induced dizziness and nausea as I did the exercise, but I stayed there as he told me until the dizziness stopped. I was one of the blessed ones, 3 reps later I felt a ROCKING hard sensation in my head and that was it, my 3 months of crawling, swaying, running into doors and walls was over!

I called the doctor and thanked him with all my heart. He explained the sand-like particles move back into place doing the exercise and balance returns.

NOT ALL dizziness is caused by the inner ear, so it is important to get a correct diagnosis, a REASON for your dizziness. But if it is inner ear related, even related to meniere's disease, lyme disease, etc., this exercise could work. Try it and see.

You may not have the fast results I had, so if you know you have BPV or meniere's disease, do this exercise everyday. If you feel extremely nauseated when you become dizzy, STOP. Then try again later and keep doing it daily until you reach 20 reps without dizziness or nausea.

Throughout the years since then I have had several "bouts" of vertigo..I quickly get on the floor and begin the excercises. So far it has worked everytime, I pray it works for you too!

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