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 Post subject: Probiotics a MUST when on antibiotics
PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 12:06 pm 
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Probiotics a MUST when on antibiotics

Probiotics are a must when using antibiotics. You have no choice, unless you want to be more sick than you already are. Abx kill both bad bacteria as well as good bacteria. Not repalcing the good bacteria daily, can lead to Candida (yeast) infections, oral thrush. C.diff and more. Make sure that you are taking one or both of the following - or one that your LLMD recommends.

A good time to take them are 2 hours AFTER your last eveninng dose of antibiotics and just before bed, this gives your intestines all night to re-establish the good flora. If taken near antibiotics, the antibiotics will just eat it up and make in useless.

According to ILADS President the best probioitc is non-acidophilus based good yeast called Florastor. If you are allergic to any yeast such as brewers yeast or bakers yeast, you may not be able to take this one: I have found one very similar to Florastor, by Jarrow with the same active ingredient (a generic of sorts) and it is less expensive: ... d=372&at=0

EDIT 5/22/09 :[/b] I had never heard of this until last week when I was having severe intestinal issues and VERY afraid I could have C.diff. So I did my research.

This is BY FAR the strongest and best probiotic there is.

Each capsules contains approx. 110 BILLION CFU - you cannot find a stronger probiotic. It isn't anymore expensive than Theralac or many others. Not to mention you get 60 capsules - since they are so potent I open the capsule and use 1/2 daily - so this extends the bottle for 120 days!

Also never forget saccharomyces boulardii probiotic daily - Jarrow has one at or or you can buy the more expensive brand name by Florastor (google Florastor to find). This is showing in studies to overwhelm c.diff and other dangerous pathogens we are suspetible to when on abx.

Here is the link: ... =460380196

I want you to know this helps in prevention of C.diff, colitis - it was recommended by someone most of you know - well known in the Ld world and I am so happy I got this.

I will warn - hard to find at pharmacies, so call around - probably best to order online. You won't find one better.

[b]I personally taken both
, but you may want to consult your LLMD before doing this, but many people take both with great success, many lyme patients recommend both "are a must". But I have to say it - check w/your LLMD as he/she may prefer one over the other. Most agree it is fine to take both. The only problem you may encounter is constipation when you take strong or multiple probiotics (daily Magnesium will help get bowels moving and help with muscle cramps as well -consult your LLMD). Without probiotics or too little CFU content you will likely have diarrhea and a host of other SERIOUS issue can happen. I'd rather over do it since candida is dangerous can become systemic (body wide) and hard to get rid of, so if you experience constipation, magnesium citrate and or try a warm cup of prune juice, yes, warm.

Remember the best probiotics must be refrigerated to keep the live cultures alive. Make sure if you order them online, they send them with ice packs. packs their probiotics in ice packs in a small styrofoam ice chest - very nice. Jarrow does make a probiotic that they claim doesn't require refrigeration, it has excellen rating, but I still prefer mine refrigerated ensuring live active cultures.

As per Burrascno guidelines I also chew up a probiotic after brushing my teeth, but I use a less expensive chewable, these can be found at iherb or Puritans pride. I usually chew it up, swish, gargle and spit it out.

I have been on multiple antibioitcs for 3 years and have had no problems with yeast using this regimen.

Probiotics must be part of your daily supplement program while on antibiotics and continued 2 months after stopping antibiotics. No if ands or but's about this!

Best of health!

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